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Care Act 2014

Guidance materials to support local authorities and care providers with Care Act 2014 duties. #careact2014

Information, advice and brokerage

Better information and advice can help people find ways to meet their support needs and reduce reliance on formal services. 

Self-directed support

The aim of self-directed support is to give people control over their support so that they can live more independent lives.

Market development and workforce

Market Development and Workforce is a TLAP work programme which addresses the challenge of developing diverse markets of personalised care and support.

Person-centred, coordinated care

Person-centred, coordinated care is a model of care designed to fit around the person's health and social care needs rather than the person and their carer expected to fit in with existing health and social care structures.


Via the workings of the Quality Forum, we to help clarify which organisations are involved in driving quality, what they are doing and what this means for people who use services, carers and professionals.

Building Community Capacity

Building community capacity describes the process of helping a community to support itself.

Personalisation in action


Co-production is about developing equal partnerships between people who use services, carers and professionals.

Making it Real

Marking progress towards personalised, community-based support.

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