Factors influencing the success of direct payments

Better Direct Payments: from insight to action

Direct payments can and should work better. This report shows how, through working with councils, scanning the evidence and talking to practitioners.

Download two page summary report (opens new window) or the full report, Better Direct Payments; from insight to action.

This work accompanies the report on reducing bureaucracy in direct payments, Improving Direct Payment Oversight, and the short film, Direct Payments- what are we to do?

600 px Improving DP Oversight

Reducing bureaucracy in direct payments

How can we support direct payment recipients and council staff to maximise control over care and support while also meeting the core obligations of councils?

This report addresses key areas of concern and provides practical examples from councils of how to reduce bureaucracy. It will be useful to people who receive direct payments as well as to council staff and those working in direct payment oversight.

Useful Direct Payments Resources

Delivering the benefits of self-directed support

Martin Walker and Isaac Samuels in conversation with ADASS East, talking direct payments and self-directed support. (short film).

Direct payments - working or not working?

People's experience doesn't always live up to the ideal. This short report looks at how they could work better, what the issues are and how direct payments should support a good life.

Webinar: If you build it, will they come?

Can personal budgets stimulate a diverse care market?