Person-centred care and support stories for home care providers

"I really like the stories – as someone who uses home/domiciliary care for two family members, I am well aware of the challenges but I have also thought for a long time that we need to celebrate what good person-centred domiciliary care looks like. It is about relationships and flexibility and of course creativity as these stories show".

Dame Philippa Russell, Carers UK Vice -President



Personal Budgets Minimum Process Framework

An interactive web resource to help councils simplify processes for delivering personal budgets, in line with Care Act duties.

Key resources

Health and care charities argue that the use of personal budgets in health care reaffirms NHS values

This paper, published in partnership between National Voices, TLAP, Shared Lives Plus and In Control explores the use of personal budgets within the health system. It counters criticism that personal budgets undermine the values of the NHS.

Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool (POET) for adults in receipt of social care support - 2017 report

Survey of 4,300 responses measuring expereinces of people in receipt of persoanl budgets and personalised care & support.

Individual Service Funds (ISFs) and Contracting for Flexible Support

This Guide, aimed at council commissioners and providers, sets out how councils can contract in a way that gives the person more control over their support.

Getting Better Outcomes for Older People using personal budgets

Report on what does and doesn't work well for older people using personal budgets

Delivering Care and Support Planning

This report offers councils practical examples for delivering Care & Support plans that are both Care Act compliant and person-centred in their approach.

Self-Directed Support: Reducing process, increasing choice and control

Report aimed at council staff responsible for implementing self-directed support

Third National Personal Budget Survey (POET 2014)

The survey looks at the experiences of personal budget holders and their carers and is based on the Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool (POET).

Trust is the key: Increasing the take-up of direct payments

Report with case studies on latest guidance for increasing the uptake of direct payments

Paths to Personalisation in Mental Health

Report, drawing on Making it Real, aimed at people with mental health needs, health & social care commissioners, providers, practitioners, care coordinators.

Second National Personal Budget Survey

Survey of over 3,000 personal budget holders using the Personal Budgets Outcomes Evaluation Tool (POET)

Personal Budgets: Taking Stock, Moving Forward

An overview of evidence on how the sector is progressing with delivering personal budgets

Best Practice in Direct Payments Support

Examples of innovative practice in commissioning direct payments and support for their take-up

Leaner approaches to council operating systems

Advice on reducing bureaucracy in delivering direct payments

Case studies