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Self-directed support is an approach to social care that puts you at the centre of the support planning process, so that you can make choices about the services you receive. It should help you feel in control of your care, so that it meets your needs as an individual.

But is this what really happens?  TLAP interviewed people about their experiences in a series of honest conversations. We wanted to find out what’s really going on. 

Who should watch the films

These films will be on interest to social workers, business managers, transformation leads, community outreach workers, providers of care and support and commissioners.

Self-directed support conversations

1. How to be creative with self-directed support (4.57 min)

Conversations with Somerset County Council, Certitude, the National Centre for Independent Living. Questions discussed: Who is in control? Are people able to use their budgets flexibly? Who is best placed to get good value for money?

2. How to offer good support with self-directed support (4.16 min)

Conversations about peer support and the role of user-led organisations to support people to use their budgets well and to stimulate community solutions. Do councils need to get involved in how people use their budgets?

3. Culture change and self-directed support (5.50 min)

Reflections on how councils and providers could change their working culture to be more supportive of people to make the right choices with their personal budgets.

4. Leadership and self-directed support (5.23 min)

Questions addressed in this film include: Why don't we see people who need support as leaders? What can leaders do to change hearts and minds? What changes when we see people who need support as leaders? Do systems and processes sometimes lead us? 

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