Key resources

Ladder of co-production

The ladder describes the different steps on the rung of  co-production starting with coercion at the bottom. 

Two Co-production Journeys

Explore different approaches, ideas, and experimentation around co-production from the East of England and West Midlands ADASS regions.

Co-production in the West Midlands

Hear about co-production innovations happening at West Midlands ADASS, directly from the people co-producing themselves. 

Co-production in the East of England

This podcast is a collaboration of people who have lived and breathed co-production in the East of England with ADASS, sharing their experience and learning along the way.

How do you create the right conditions for co-production?

Podcast with practical guidance on how co-production can result in happy staff and happy people.

Co-production and the art of conversation

Podcast on how co-production is key to the delivery of good person-centred care. Yet it is still not widely practiced. 

Co-production in social care: what it is and how to do it

With practical examples and information on further reading, this is a must-have resource for any organisation involved with implementing co-production.

Film -Thinking outside the tick box

People with lived experience interview directors of adult social services to ask how they are practicing co-production (5 min film)

Film -Co-production at different levels

Find out how to do co-production at the strategic, service and individual level. (13 min film)

Co-production in commissioning web tool

Commissioners must introduce co-production from the start if  public services are to be developed and shaped with the values and talents of local people.