The 3 R's of Social Care Reform

What can the Covid-19 pandemic teach us about social care reform? 

A report that identifies key behaviour and attittude changes to drive improvement focused on risk, relationships and a sense of reciprocity.


A review of the role of community in health and social care policy

How the role of ‘community’ is shaping policy, legislation and practice in health and social care. More Building Community Capacity resources.

Ending the taboo around dementia is everyone’s business

Dame Philippa Russell gives a no-holds barred account on life as a carer and her hopes for a reformed social care system. 

Towards resilience: making community matter in social care

How community focused initiatives are key to a more resilient future for all those that draw on, provide or commission adult social care support. Co-produced with Local Trust. 

Projects to support professionals

Key resources


Podcasts on thinking differently about social care with experts and spokespeople from the field of person-centred care and support. 


A-Z library of person-centred care & support resources to support social care transformation.

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Our key tools

TLAP Care and Support Jargon Buster

TLAP's  Care and Support Jargon Buster makes sense of jargon that is used in health and social care. Add the TLAP Jargon Buster to your website by downloading the widget. Now with a COVID19 explainer.

Innovations in community-centred support

A directory of innovations for commissioners and providers to find out about community-centred approaches that are having a positive impact on people’s lives.

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