New report

Better Direct Payments: from insight to action

Direct payments can and should work better. This report shows how, through working with councils, scanning the evidence and talking to practitioners. Download a two page summary document or the full report, Better Direct Payments

This new report is part of suite of resources aimed at improving direct payments. It accompanies the document Improving Direct Payments Oversight, and the short film, Direct Payments - what are we to do?

Chinese Wellbeing Di Homepage

Making personalisation work for the Chinese community in Liverpool

As the Chinese Wellbeing Service is added to TLAP’s Directory of Innovations in Community-Centred Support, we explore their personalised approach to cultural care.

Martin Walker Homepage

Keep it real - making sure my policy perspectives are informed by practice

Martin Walker shares how recent experience has forced him to reappraise his thinking about the contribution of social workers and good practice he has heard about first-hand.

Clenton homepage

A reality check on proposed social care reform

Clenton Farquharson assesses how proposed social care reform matches up to what matters to him as a disabled person and direct payment user.

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Podcasts on thinking differently about social care with experts and spokespeople from the field of person-centred care and support. 


A-Z library of person-centred care & support resources to support social care transformation.

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TLAP Care and Support Jargon Buster

TLAP's  Care and Support Jargon Buster makes sense of jargon that is used in health and social care. Add the TLAP Jargon Buster to your website by downloading the widget. Now with a COVID19 explainer.

Innovations in community-centred support

A directory of innovations for commissioners and providers to find out about community-centred approaches that are having a positive impact on people’s lives.

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