Making it Real - how to do personalised care and support

A new framework for personalised care and support – it’s what good looks like

Making it Real

Podcast on the evidence for personalisation

The evidence for personalisation is often small scale or fragmented making it hard to draw conclusions. Listen to our second podcast with Professor Chris Fox where he explains some of the challenges and what he proposes to do to support our work to develop a stronger evidence base. 

LIsten to the evidence for personalisation.  (opens new window)
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Projects to support professionals

Our key tools

Making it Real -how to do personalised care and support

A framework to support commissioners, providers & voluntary/community sector colleagues offer personalised care & support across social care, health and housing. 

TLAP Care and Support Jargon Buster

TLAP's  Care and Support Jargon Buster supports our campaign to make sense of jargon that is used in health and social care. Add the TLAP Jargon Buster to your website by downloading the widget.

People not process - Coproduction in commissioning tool

A resource to support councils use coproduction in their market shaping and commissioning practice according to Care Act guidance.

Personalised care & support planning tool

Supporting integrated care for people with health and social care needs.

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