Making it Real - how to do personalised care and support

A new framework for personalised care and support – it’s what good looks like

Making it Real

Latest podcast - Making it Real: how to do it

‘You might think you’re doing something particularly well but when you talk to people they might say you need to do a bit better’

Listen to our short 6 min podcast with Kate Sibthorp and Sanchi Murison talking about practical ways you can use Making it Real - an approach for good personalised care and support. Listen here to Making it Real: how to do it. (opens new window)

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Key resources


Podcasts on thinking differently about social care with experts and spokespeople from the field of person-centred care and support. 


A-Z library of person-centred care & support resources to support social care transformation.

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Our key tools

Popular personalised care and support tools

One stop shop for all TLAP person-centred care and support tools.

Innovations in community-centred support

A directory of innovations for commissioners and providers to find out about community-centred approaches that are having a positive impact on people’s lives.

TLAP Care and Support Jargon Buster

TLAP's  Care and Support Jargon Buster supports our campaign to make sense of jargon that is used in health and social care. Add the TLAP Jargon Buster to your website by downloading the widget.

People not process - Coproduction in commissioning tool

A resource to support councils use coproduction in their market shaping and commissioning practice according to Care Act guidance.

Personalised care & support planning tool

Supporting integrated care for people with health and social care needs.

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