Covid-19 social care provision: stories of promise

Loads of examples of the creative responses that are emerging from councils, providers and communities in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

What's changed? Community providers response to Covid-19

Read how organisations on our directory are working proactively and responsively at this time.

TLAP Insight Group

TLAP and partners release report exploring effect of Covid-19 pandemic from perspective of people accessing care and support and unpaid carers.

Information, news and blogs

Facemasks, fear and freedom – parallels with personalisation

TLAP's Martin Walker goes shopping and thinks about facemasks and personalisation in this blog.

A Telling Experience

News story on the release of TLAP Insight Group's report into the impact of Covid-19 on people accessing care and support

People's experiences of Covid-19 lockdown - films

A cross section of views from People's Voice Media on how people are affected by the lockdown - carers, people with lived experience, CEs of voluntary sector organisations. Reflections of good and poor practice.

Covid jargon word cloud

Covid-19 care & support jargon buster

The TLAP care & support jargon buster has been updated with plain English definitions of the most commonly used jargon relating to coronavirus. Download the pdf (opens new window), or add the widget to your own website.