Innovations in community-centred support

A directory of innovations for commissioners and providers to find out about community-centred approaches that are having a positive impact on people’s lives.


Putting community and cooperation into care and support

A report on the role of community businesses and co-operatives for home care.

A review of the role of community in health and social care policy

An article that charts the policy interest in community provision. 

Click together film

A short film featuing one of the organisations on our directory of community-based support. Click is an online activity based community for adults with disabilities. 

Towards resilience: making community matter in social care

Report on the advantages of giving more power to communities and what that could mean for the reform of social care. 

Social Care Innovation Network -phase II report

Phase II report from the network describes the  challenges, and  identifies key learning themes on asset-based approaches from the persctive of providers, commissioners and people in receipt of direct payments.

Getting under the skin of the social care innovation network

Phase 1 report from the network that looks at a new and better form of social care - based on the principle that people want a life and not a service.

Podcast on how to make place based, person-centred health & care a reality

Head of TLAP  interviews chair of the board on his experiences as someone who access services and as an advocate for people’s rights. (8 mins)

Building Community Capacity: Economic Case Studies

A review of economic evaluations and studies that have been conducted on seven approaches to building community capacity.

Reimagining social care - a study in three places

A study on asset-based commissioning & strengths-based approaches in Thurock, Somerset & Wigan. 

The Asset-Based Area

A briefing paper by Shared Lives Plus CE Alex Fox which describes ten features of an ‘asset-based area’  necessary for developing strong communities and sustainable public services.

How-to Guides for creating an Asset-based Area

A series of guides that support asset-based commissioning and practice. Written by the academic & consultant Clive Miller, they complement Alex Fox's Asset-Based Area briefing paper. 

Developing a Wellbeing and Strengths-based Approach to Social Work Practice: Changing Culture

A report aimed at social workers that discusses the need to change their workforce culture to one that is 'strengths-based' for promoting wellbeing, early intervention and prevention.