Innovations in community-centred support

A directory of innovations for commissioners and providers to find out about community-centred approaches that are having a positive impact on people’s lives.


Social Care Innovation Network -phase II report

Phase II report from the network describes the  challenges, and  identifies key learning themes on asset-based approaches from the persctive of providers, commissioners and people in receipt of direct payments.

Getting under the skin of the social care innovation network

PHase 1 report from the network that looks at a new and better form of social care - based on the principle that people want a life and not a service.

Podcast on how to make place based, person-centred health & care a reality

Head of TLAP  interviews chair of the board on his experiences as someone who access services and as an advocate for people’s rights. (8 mins)

Building Community Capacity: Economic Case Studies

A review of economic evaluations and studies that have been conducted on seven approaches to building community capacity.

Reimagining social care - a study in three places

A study on asset-based commissioning & strengths-based approaches in Thurock, Somerset & Wigan. 

The Asset-Based Area

A briefing paper by Shared Lives Plus CE Alex Fox which describes ten features of an ‘asset-based area’  necessary for developing strong communities and sustainable public services.

How-to Guides for creating an Asset-based Area

A series of guides that support asset-based commissioning and practice. Written by the academic & consultant Clive Miller, they complement Alex Fox's Asset-Based Area briefing paper. 

Developing a Wellbeing and Strengths-based Approach to Social Work Practice: Changing Culture

A report aimed at social workers that discusses the need to change their workforce culture to one that is 'strengths-based' for promoting wellbeing, early intervention and prevention.

Engaging and Empowering Communities - a shared commitment and call to action

A document that offers a compelling case for working collaboratively to create strong and empowered communities that are central to the transformation of the health and care sector.

Developing the Power of Strong, Inclusive Communities

A framework to support health and wellbeing boards fulfil wellbeing and prevention duties outlined in the Care Act.

Are we there yet? A planning tool and checklist for building community connections

A tool to help organisations assess their own capacity building activities in relation to older and disabled people.

Does it work? A guide to evaluating community capacity initiatives

This guide will help with evaluating projects/services and the impact they have on cultivating 'social capital'.