Towards resilience: making community matter in social care

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This report explores the fragility and fragmented nature of adult social care both before and during the pandemic. It highlights how community focused initiatives are key to a more resilient future for all those that draw on, provide or commission adult social care support.

“We recognise that community is not a place, it is the quality and diversity of our relationships with others that help define our purpose and place in the world; a theme amplified throughout this report.”

Key points

• The pandemic has shown how transformation can be achieved when state, communities and individuals work together. What we choose to do next with this opportunity is key.

• Services should take a person-centred approach and move away from being service led.

• We should invest in transformation by scaling back activities that don’t work.

• Convene and support a network of people developing asset-based areas:
making visible the myriad of skills, knowledge, connections and potential within a community (the assets); focusing on nurturing the strengths and resources of people and communities as basis of social care commissioning.

• Local Authorities (LAs) should actively engage with community groups, such as Big Local partnerships, to help accelerate trust and confidence in devolving more responsibility, funding and decision-making to local citizen led groups.