Care act tools

Information and Advice Strategy Toolkit

A step-by-step guide to help local authorities meet the requirements of the Care Act and associated statutory guidance in relation to the provision of information and advice.

Personal Budgets Minimum Process Framework

An interactive web resource to help councils simplify processes for delivering personal budgets, in line with Care Act duties.

Personalised care & support planning tool

Personalised care and support planning is at the heart of the vision for a sustainable health and care system, where the renewable energy of people and communities is harnessed to deliver improvements in health and wellbeing.

It is mandated in the Care Act 2014, is part of the reforms underway through the NHS Five Year Forward View and is central to the national and local programmes that are shaping the future through new models of integrated care.

Care Act resources

Information, Advice and Brokerage guide

The Guide has been split into three parts: Shaping the Future which looks at the exact Care Act requirements and some of the strategies needed to meet those changes; Gearing up for change which sets out what has been tried and learned across England; and Seeing the Benefits which looks at how to measure success.

Delivering Care and Support Planning

A best practice guide to help local authorities with support planning and review duties that is both person-centred and Care Act compliant. Delivering Care and Support Planning includes practice examples and templates. It was co-produced with people who use services.

Individual Service Funds (ISFs) and Contracting for Flexible Support

Practical recommendations and guidance on extending the use of ISFs for managed personal budgets for providers and commissioners.