Greenwich’s Co-production journey

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The theme of Co-production Week 2024 is Co-production 'What's Missing?' This podcast series showcases stories of co-production from local councils, charities, and people with lived experience. It looks at what went well and what was missing and shares this learning for organisations at different stages of their own co-production journeys.  

In this episode, Kate, Sue, Jenny, Isaac, April, and Lisa speak candidly about Greenwich's co-production journey. 


Kate Pieroudis - Senior Co-production Adviser, Think Local Act Personal  

Lisa Wilson - Integrated Director of Commissioning, Royal Borough of Greenwich 

Jenny Hurst - Direct Payments recipient 

Isaac Samuels – National Co-production Advisory Group (NCAG) 

Sue Ellsgood - Metro Greenwich Association of Disabled People (GAD) 

April Thorpe - Forward Thinking Delivery Manager, Royal Borough of Greenwich