Two Co-production Journeys - ADASS West Midlands and ADASS East of England

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In the Two Co-production Journeys document you can explore diverse approaches, real-life experiences, and practical recommendations for co-production from individuals with lived experience and staff, inspiring you to develop your own co-production approach.

Co-production happens differently everywhere. When it’s done well, key ingredients often include having clear roles for all involved, working together to agree shared goals laid out at the start, a sharing of power and decision-making with staff, and budgets set aside to recognise and reward people for their time and expertise. It’s also about involving a variety of people with diverse skills and lived experience.

This document brings together different approaches, ideas, and experimentation around co-production from the East of England and West Midlands ADASS regions. It has been created to share ideas and inspire you to develop your approach to co-production. Inside you’ll also find recommendations from the people involved – both people with lived experience and staff – who are working together, trying things out and learning as they go.