Who took part?


Bianca’s medication and her use of other NHS services reduced since the provider became involved in her care, and she is now able to stay in her privately-rented home.


The layout and facilities in Celia’s flat support her with her Multiple Sclerosis. The tenancy arrangements mean she feels secure, and the location means that there are often outside activities for Celia to enjoy.


Margaret is now able to live independently in the community with her dog, Bella, and her PA hours have been reduced due to the personalised support she receives. 

Les and Cath

Les and Cath are able to stay together in their own home and Les is able to continue to play a key role in caring for his wife because of the person-centred ethos of their home care provider. 

Angela and Rupert

Thanks to Rupert’s support worker, he is  able to live with his partner, Angela, in their own home, and she is able to continue to play an active role in caring for him.

Tom and Eileen

Tom and Eileen are able to continue to live together in their own home, despite Eileen’s health issues. Tom is able to continue to run his business and play an active role in caring for her health and wellbeing.