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Information and advice strategy tool

A step-by-step guide to help local authorities meet the requirements of the Care Act and associated statutory guidance in relation to the provision of information and advice.

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Information and advice case studies

A sample of 31 case studies to help you develop your services in response to the Care Bill

Latest reports

Care and Support Jargon Buster

TLAP's  Care and Support Jargon Buster is an A-Z directory of jargon that is used in health, social care and housing.  Embed it on your website to support our work to encourage the use of Plain English definitions. 

Shaping the future - part 1

This report addresses the strategic challenge of implementing the Care Act for councils and partners.

Gearing up for change - part 2

The second report in the suite of three discusses work in progress at six volunteer sites which are implementing interesting practice which other sites can model.

Seeing the benefits - part 3

The concluding report discusses what benefits might be delivered by information, advice and brokerage services, and how they might be measured.

Advice and information needs in adult social care

An interactive map showing a person's typical journey through the care system and suggestions for improving information and advice services.

Principles for the provision of information and advice

A framework to help councils develop their local care and support information and advice strategy.