Conversation - What this means for Imran

The 'What Matters' conversation takes place at Imran's Day Service. Imran is supported to articulate his views by Claire. The conversation is facilitated by Ray. The meeting goes smoothly and takes around 90 minutes as Imran has prepared with Claire, while Ray has communicated the new process effectively to those attending.

During the meeting, the indicative budget for Imran's support is confirmed and is, as expected similar to his budget agreed at the previous review meeting.

Imran's psychiatrist attends the first half of the meeting, during which Imran discusses his concerns over his medication. Imran's psychiatrist commits to meeting with Imran in his outpatients clinic to discuss and review Imran's medication and to work with him to better understand his illness and the treatments available.

The outcome agreed in the meeting is to act creatively and positively to support Imran to find work. This outcome also involved working with Imran to understand the nature of his illness and the effect medication has on his ability to work. It was agreed that priority would be given to supporting Imran to manage his medication in a way that makes sense to him and build and maintain his relationships with his family.

At the end of the 'What Matters' conversation, Imran and Ray agreed to a six month review of progress on the outcomes.