Conversation - What this means for Kathy

What conversation means for Kathy - Scenario 1

Megan and the practice nurse agree to do this together the first time - so each has a good understanding of Kathy's issues.

Kathy comes prepared from her discussions with Joan with thoughts on what is working and not working for her, her important relationships and what is important in the future (her aspirations). They discuss how her diabetes and dementia will affect each other.

Kathy's outcomes are to stay at work, to keep walking each week and to get connected to people who share her experience of dementia as well as making sure that her diabetes and feet keep in good shape.

She was signposted to the local dementia café, a walking group and given information about working rights and entitlements.

She is happy for her new diagnosis to be shared with the podiatrist.

What conversation means for Kathy - Scenario 2

Kathy meets with Megan, Sue and the practice nurse. They build on her preparation information and work through her new issues and aspirations, working together on the best actions for her goals and outcomes.

They discuss Kathy's integrated personal budget and agree that Sue will manage a direct payment on Kathy's behalf, with support from the local Direct Payment Support Service, to employ a personal assistant for Kathy to help her get out and about.

Megan, Kathy, and Sue meet again to look at the detail of how she can use her personal budget and what she wants her personal assistant to do. They discuss what a perfect week will look like for Kathy and explore the possibility of her attending a new luncheon club as well. They agree to approach volunteers from the local Home Focus service to help Kathy with the garden. They will also approach another dementia volunteer service to arrange regular reading visits to her at home.