Conversation - What this means for Michaela

Michaela gets on well with the mental health worker who visited her and to whom she revealed she was 'cutting' (the mental health worker is a member of multi-disciplinary team wrapped round the practice, but is 'supervised' from the local mental health team).

She has her personal care and support planning discussion in two parts, one with the mental health worker and also with the GP to look at specific health issues.

They meet together with the GP to talk about what matters to her and what is working and not working. As part of this they also have a discussion about her chest which is a key concern, her worsening anxiety and what might be helpful for that.

Michaela and the mental health worker know that she is eligible for a personal budget (and how much) and continue the personal care and support planning conversation by looking at how she could use her personal budget and her other resources and assets to achieve her outcomes.

They come up with a plan that the mental health worker explains needs to be checked with social care for the budget to be signed off.

They agree to meet again when a link worker from the local community project that Michaela would like to go back to will be there to start the ongoing relationship.

Michaela agrees to continuing to see the mental health worker until her anxiety settles.