Conversation - What this means for Lewis and his family

The conversation takes place at Lewis’ short break service with Lewis, his mum Julie, his step-dad Steve, his transition social worker, his key worker from the short break service and Alice.

Alice has prepared paper on the wall and records the information gathered at the preparation meeting under the appropriate headings. Alice asks the group what they like and admire about him. Lewis listens as people talk about his determination, his cheeky, laid back nature, ability to read people and zest for life.

The group discuss what is important to Lewis, recognising that family members and family friends are key. It is important to Lewis to be active and spend time outdoors, to be around people who know him well and know how to support him and for him to gain increased independence from his family. The group discuss what is working well. This includes his relationship with his step-dad, the assistive technology in the family home and the fact that the short break service means everyone is getting more sleep.

The group also talk about the things that are not working so well: the limited opportunities Lewis has for independent activities, and Julie’s caring responsibilities which stops her returning to work.  

Alice helps the group to think about some of the changes that Lewis and the family want:

  • People in Lewis’ life knowing what is important to him and how to support him best.
  • Lewis doing more of the things he enjoys such as swimming, running and music club independently from his parents.
  • A family holiday with Lewis.
  • Lewis having a warm and comfortable bedroom.

Alice helps the group set actions to clarify the next steps for meeting the chosen outcomes. Alice agrees to coordinate future meetings  and she also arranges to keep in touch with Julie to make sure she is kept informed.