Conversation - What this means for Millie

For Millie, the conversation happened through her annual Preparing for Adulthood review meeting, which also covered everything required to develop her Personalised Care and Support Plan. This was facilitated by the SENCO, who met Millie beforehand to ensure she knew how to support her to be fully involved.

The meeting started with Millie sharing what mattered to her, her aspirations, and what is working and not working. She did this with pictures, and showed a two minute film about her dream of being a baker which she had made at school. The SENCO helped the group look at the information from the assessments and people added their perspectives of what was working and not working around employment, independent living, community life, and health and wellbeing.

The group thought about Millie's goals and ambitions and then began thinking about the support she might need from services. One of her goals was to begin a part-time qualification that would help her work towards a career in catering. Alongside this, she also wanted to have experience in a range of different catering roles. The group discussed a two year personalised study programme at the local college to gain the qualification and support from a job coach to develop her vocational profile and work experience. The group also discussed Millie's goals in relation to friendships and relationships and helped her decide to use her personal budget to cover the costs of a personal assistant to support her go out once a week and to join a local musical theatre group. Her sister agreed to help Millie manage her personal budget, with additional support from a local voluntary organisation.