Preparation - What this means for Millie

Preparation for the Process:

As part of the annual person-centred review process of her EHC plan, the head teacher has asked the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) to support Millie to think about her EHC and personalised care and support planning preparation.

Millie has been thinking about her aspirations at school already as part of the curriculum and career planning. The SENCO explained what was going to happen throughout the process and when it would happen and together they decided the best ways for Millie to receive information. The SENCO gave Millie a visual timeline, they also watched a short online film together about the process and Millie asked questions about it.

The SENCO talked with Millie about her relationships and who is involved in her life, they also talked about who needed to come to the meeting and who else Millie might like to be there. The SENCO asked Millie who she wanted to help her prepare for the meeting, and Millie asked that her sister do this, so the SENCO ensured that her sister and family were sent information about what was going to happen as well.

Preparation by Millie:

Millie's sister was happy to help and felt confident to do so after she received the information from the SENCO, which included some more films they could watch together. She talked with Millie about her aspirations for the future, and she said she wanted a life like her sisters. They looked at what was working and not working for Millie around employment, independent living, community life, and health and wellbeing (the Preparing for Adulthood Outcomes). They did this over coffee on several occasions over a couple of weeks. Millie's sister helped her record the things they discussed in words and pictures. They talked about what Millie would want and need to feel comfortable in the review meeting and she chose to have music from Glee playing as people arrived.


Preparation by the practitioner:

The SEN team allocate an EHC plan co-ordinator for Millie, who will ensure that the plan happens working in partnership with the school, adult social care and health. She arranges for the social worker to visit Millie to assess her eligibility for funding, and checks when Millie had her last annual health check with the GP.

She liaises with the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) team and checks whether Millie needs any other assessments, but finds these are up to date. Her next task was to bring this together to share with Millie so she could see and understand this information before the meeting.