This step is the key to effective personalised care and support planning and involves preparation by both the individual and the practitioner. It recognises that a discussion between equals cannot take place, unless each understands the purpose and process of personalised care and support planning.

Preparation diagram

Process Preparation

(may differ in first personalised care and support planning cycle)

  • Initial contact -phone / mail / person
  • What's in it for you - and what to expect
  • Establish if support needed for preparation
  • Address generic / specific concerns
  • Preferred way to receive information
  • Preferred times for visits / clinic for tests
  • (Consent for sharing assessments/care plans - Maybe decided during discussion)

Person preparation

  • Receives information (in way chosen) with:
    • Reflective prompt 'what's important to me'
    • Structured self assessment tool (including mental /physical health / daily living issues / eligibility for social care and means testing)
  • Support to complete if necessary
  • Identifies who they would like to work with for personalised care and support planning
  • Arranged visit for required tests
    • Receives results with clear explanations (in way chosen)
  • Makes personalised care and support planning discussion appointment

Practitioner and team preparation

  • Reviews case notes/gathers local intelligence
  • Reviews medication as necessary
  • Reviews any previous plans to build on
  • Identifies gaps in Tasks/Tests/Assessments
  • Arranges visits for tests if necessary
  • Ensures results of tests / assessments shared
  • Arrange for Adult Social Care Assessment if eligibility expected (linked to for self assessment)
  • Summarises what's working / not working from practitioner perspective