Record - What this means for Michaela

Key information about Michaela, which she and the mental health worker have gathered, is recorded in her 'background story' with subsequent updates.

Following the personal care and support planning conversation they produce a record of her key outcomes; the things she intends to do; what named others will do and what her personal budget will be spent on; (she makes a decision about who will manage this).

A print-out is given to her as she requests to share with anyone involved in her care and support. It is also recorded in her electronic health record which she has confirmed can be shared with everyone involved.

Some of her personal budget will be used to bring her son home for tea once a month when she feels less anxious - and the details of how this will be organised are also recorded to help administration. Michaela is aware of this but doesn't feel she needs to see the details.

Michaela also agrees that information from the planning process can be used anonymously and shared to inform commissioning, for example through Working Together for Change.