Review - What this means for Kathy

What review means for Kathy - Scenario 1

Megan and Kathy agreed to a six month review during the conversation stage. Joan has been dropping in on Kathy in the meantime and they prepare for the review together with Sue. They look at her relationships and this prompts Kathy to think that it would be useful if her manager from work came along too.

Something that was not working for Kathy was going to the walking group, they were 'too old' and she likes to walk by herself to think. The idea of a routine, organised walking group with people who were 10 - 15 years older than her was not working. The outcome was for her to be able to walk again confidently when she wanted to, where and for as long as she wanted to. They decided to try a Safer Walking Device to give her the confidence to do this.

She was also concerned that she was not managing her diabetes as well as she had in the past and Sue said she was anxious about this as well. Sue agreed to support her with this and makes an appointment on her behalf so they can discuss her anxieties with the GP.

What review means for Kathy - Scenario 2

Kathy has a check in review with the social worker after six weeks to ensure the direct payment is working well, and Megan and Sue meet together with the Direct Payments Support Organisation and manager of Home Focus. They review what they have tried and learned already. They made some changes to Kathy's week.

Six months later there is a review which Megan facilitates, and Kathy is supported by Alison to prepare. They look at what is working and not working from Kathy's, Sue's and the Home Focus team's perspective. The social worker contributes information as well.