Review - What this means for Ted

The first review was at six weeks to see if it was possible for Ted to get his licence back. They found out that this was not possible. Ted was very disappointed.

Tracey had supported Ted to prepare for the person-centred review, and he wanted his parents and sister and his job coach to come as well. They looked at what was working and not working for Ted, and how close he was to his 'perfect week' and achieving his outcomes.

The voluntary organisation supported Ted to find voluntary work with a local DJ helping to set up for his gigs. He was also supported to get work in the local supermarket. What was working for Ted was that he had a job and some income, but what was not working was that he found the work boring. Ted moved to a flat five months after the conversation - the last meeting - and this was working for him.

Ted now wants to focus on getting more friends and a girlfriend, and this will be the focus of his next actions.