Review - What this means for Imran

Imran asks Claire to support him with his preparation for the review, as he was pleased with the way this worked last time. Ray has been visiting Imran regularly since the planning conversation and Imran has had one regular appointment with his psychiatrist in the intervening period.

Ray carries out the same role in keeping an overview of the review process and then facilitating the meeting. The meeting looks at what is working and not working for Imran in relation to his outcomes and from different perspectives.

The review confirmed that Imran and those working with him were satisfied with most aspects of the support he was receiving. Something that was not working for Imran was going to the design course, as the time of the group (starting at 8pm) was too late for Imran, as his medication can make him very tired in the evening. As a result, Imran had not been attending regularly and had grown concerned about returning in case the tutor was unhappy with him.

Imran had found an online course suitable for him, but did not have access to the necessary software to complete the course. At the review meeting, Imran agreed to use some of his personal budget to upgrade his computer and buy new software, so he could complete the course at a time which suits him.