Making it happen - What this means for Imran

Imran is supported to think about his desire to work and how this might fit in with his talents in IT and art. He decides that he would like to join a class to develop his skills in design and desktop publishing, with the goal of being able to set up a micro-enterprise designing greeting cards, logos and publicity materials for businesses in his community.

Imran also decides to use some of his personal budget to get some advice on how to set up a micro-enterprise. He is also offered some financial support from his family for start-up costs. At Imran's day service, they have some spare office space a couple of days per week, so Imran agrees to use this space for studying and developing his business in exchange for mentoring two people who use the day service and want to learn basic IT skills.

Imran is supported by Claire to have a detailed conversation with his psychiatrist to understand the nature of his illness and why taking medication consistently is important to what he wants to achieve.