Context - The context of personalised care and support planning for Imran

Imran's diagnosis of schizophrenia and multiple admissions to hospital mean that he has been in contact with services for a substantial amount of time. He meets the criteria for the Care Programme Approach (CPA) and is eligible for a personal budget. CPA requires a Care Plan to be written with Imran and for this to be reviewed approximately every six months.

On a routine basis, Imran is in touch with a number of health and social care professionals, including day services staff, his social worker, psychiatrist, members of the assertive outreach team and his GP.

Imran's CPA review usually takes place with his care coordinator - the professional (usually a Social Worker or Community Psychiatric Nurse) with responsibility for ensuring Imran has the support he needs, together with his psychiatrist and other professionals who are involved in Imran's support. CPA reviews have usually been scheduled by the psychiatrist and take place in a regular outpatient appointment. On this occasion the review happens as part of a Personalised Care and Support Planning process.