Making it happen - What this means for Alex

  • Alex signs up for a community 5k run and sends Jo a text to let her know. She downloads the ‘Couch to 5k App’ and starts training.
  • Alex uses her ‘fitbit’ to make sure that she reaches her goal of 56,000 steps per week and is competing with friends.
  • Alex’s employer arranges for a standing desk and her working week is reduced to 3.5 days.
  • Alex registers on ‘Where now?’ a seven week survivorship course at Maggie’s.
  • She makes healthy lunches to share with colleagues.
  • As a visual person Alex has begun photographing everything she eats and sharing the images to encourage her to eat healthily.
  • Alex is searching for a family yoga class.
  • Alex books an appointment with Wirral Holistic Therapeutic Cancer Care Centre  (WHCS) for holistic treatments and conversation.