Review - What this means for Alex

Alex considers herself as a ‘cancer thriver’.

  • She has completed a survivorship course.
  • She works four days a week and enjoys time with her granddaughter.
  • She is more active in work, shares a ‘standing desk’, and has walking meetings.
  • She uses a Fitbit to monitor her steps, but struggles to find time to reach the 56k per week target.
  • She postpones her 5k run due to injury, fitness levels and health issues.
  • Overall, Alex’s energy levels are poor and sporadic. She is Vitamin D deficient and takes  supplements.  She has increased her intake of juices to help her energy levels.
  • She attends Glastonbury music festival festival and walks an average 18km per day in thick mud.
  • She attends Afrofunk and Yoga Dance classes.
  • To help her feel less stressed she meditates a few times a week and has  monthly acupuncture and massage.
  • Alex is still taking Tamoxifen – hot flushes manageable
  • Alex is going to arrange for a cleaner again as she has no energy (nor inclination) for housework.