Think Local Act Personal: Next steps for transforming adult social care

Think Local Act Personal is a group of over 30 national partners that are committed to real change in adult social care. Our goal is for people to have better lives through more choice and control over the support they use: often referred to as "personalisation". We represent a wide range of organisations - from people who use services and carers, to the providers of services and representatives from central and local government.

We believe that services and support should be:

  • More personalised according to the needs and wishes of the people who use them
  • Provided in ways that help people to be active and contributing members of supportive communities.

To do this we need to work to change some of the systems, processes, practices and cultures that have developed over the years around helping people access care and support - building on the good things and changing those that get in the way of personalisation.

Think Local Act Personal is working with its partners to identify the challenges being faced and to share innovative solutions that are being developed across the country, so that more people have choice and control over their lives.

You can download our partnership agreement 2014-17 and the press release. We welcome your endorsement, so please email us at