Record - What this means for Jim

A lot of the key information about Jim which he and his daughter have produced has been recorded in his 'background story' and documents as the process has gone along.

Following the personal care and support planning conversation this is brought together with a list of his key outcomes, the things he intends to do, what named others will do and what his personal budget will be spent on (they have made the decision together this will be managed by the homecare provider on his behalf through an Individual Service Fund).

This is given to him in a way that he can use as a day-to-day aide memoire. For example, what he will do himself and sharing his background story with his district nurse, or taking it with him if he ever needs to go into hospital. It is also recorded in his electronic health record which he has confirmed can be shared with everyone involved.

As part of this the district nurse now has new tasks and needs to update her professional treatment plan. This is also recorded into the electronic health record. Jim knows about it but doesn't feel he needs access to it on a regular basis.

Jim also agrees that information from the planning process can be used anonymously and shared to inform commissioning, for example through Working Together for Change.