TLAP team members


Linda Doherty, Senior Business and Project Manager

I am TLAP's business manager and also lead the partnership's Information and Advice work stream. I hold a master's degree in social work from the London School of Economics. My first job was as a residential worker at 48 Boundary Road in Camden, a forward thinking residential establishment for people with physical disabilities where residents were very much in control of their care and support with staff acting as facilitators -much like personal assistants. This provided a strong grounding for the future. I went on to work as a social worker for deaf children and for deaf adults in Greenwich and as a Team Manager at Wandsworth. I then worked as policy officer for ADASS for 9 years prior to being seconded to Think Local Act Personal where I helped to set up the partnership.

I work four days a week for TLAP.


Catriona Duncan-Rees, Co-production Advisor

I have ten years experience promoting and delivering co-design and co-production in Stockport, Adult Social Care and more recently with BBC Sport where I've been skilling people to design and manage change for themselves.

I am really honoured to be working with National Co-production and Advisory Group members to actively promote co-production and identify more ways that it can be put into action across the country. 

National Co-production Advisory Group

We also work closely with people from the National Co-production Advisory Group and you can read more about the work they do in our section on co-production.

Andrew 2

Andrew Parkinson, Project Support Coordinator

I am the Project Support Coordinator. Previously I worked for the Community Development Foundation in a similar role, where I was able to learn a lot about the voluntary and community sector. TLAP seems like an excellent organisation, doing some invaluable work and I look forward to being able to contribute towards their projects over the coming months.

Caroline Speirs

Caroline Speirs, Head of TLAP, Making it Real and Building Community Capacity Policy Advisor

I am TLAP's Making it Real and Building Community Capacity Policy Advisor. I have worked in social care commissioning and policy roles in local government for twenty years more recently I've led on developing person-centred care pathways.

I am passionate about personalisation because it has radicalised the approach to health and social care and opened up a way of working that already seems light years away from the traditional model.

I look forward to ongoing transformation via the implementation of the Care Act and want to see the radical change that it promises: potentially, an end to only supporting those who can meet a very stringent eligibility and financial threshold and a formal, acknowledgement that to lead a good life requires much broader community input.

I am looking forward to working with an organisation which has made co-production integral to its way of working.

Martin Walker, Policy advisor for personalised commissioning and self-directed support.

Martin has worked in Local Government for the past thirteen years with roles ranging across education welfare, children’s social work, neighbourhood management, and adult social care. Prior to this he worked in retail and the banking sector.

I’ll be contributing my experience of policy and change work at a local level to the exciting programme Think Local Act Personal is developing around Personal Budgets and Self-Directed Support.

I’m looking forward to widening my perspective to understand what works around the country and, in doing so, use this knowledge to help areas work out what’s the best approach and practice for them in their ongoing work to embed Personalisation.

Adam Webb, Market Development Policy Advisor

I am TLAP’s Market Development Policy Advisor. Formerly I trained as a physicist before moving into adult social care for local government where I worked for ten years, principally within personalisation policy and project management.

As part of my role with TLAP, I am looking forward to working with  councils to explore how they can efficiently deliver personalised commissioning, particularly in a challenging financial climate with ever-rising demand. 

As a member of a partnership which co-produces all its work, I’m keen to promote the benefits of this  model for driving the  design and delivery of care and support for those who use services and their carers.


Sara Zmertych, Communications Officer

I am TLAP's Communications Officer with ten years experience working in public relations. I have worked mostly for the not-for-profit sector for charities supporting refugees and migrants, people with mental health needs, carers and victims of crime. Previously I worked in special educational needs. Working for TLAP keeps me in touch with an important value for me which is working to make improvements to the lives of society's most vulnerable people.