Impact of TLAP partnership on personalisation

We commissioned an independent review to identify TLAP's impact on policy and practice. 

The report summarises what makes TLAP unique, how it makes a difference to social care, and the impact of the TLAP partnership. The results are testament to TLAP's growing influence, its expertise in personalisation and the value placed on the partnership. Fieldwork included depth interviews and an online survey.

Read the key findings below or download a full summary of TLAP evaluation 2019-20   (opens new window)

A pleasing 80% of respondents would recommend TLAP as go-to experts in personalised and community-based care and support.


What TLAP does and the drivers of impact 


The TLAP partnership

The partnership is valued for its inclusivity and opportunity to bring diverse voices together around personalisation and co-production. There are more than 50 members of the partnership.


 What effect do TLAP resources have and do they impact behaviour change?


Despite the challenges respondents face that often frustrated their ability to influence or quicken the pace of change, perceptions of TLAP’s impact were notably strong amongst survey respondents.  It emphasises the value placed on TLAP’s positive vision for personalisation in future.

TLAP independent evaluation 2019-20 from Think Local Act Personal

Working with TLAP is like taking a breath of fresh air in the woods. People, resources and activities / events keep me grounded, raise my awareness and understanding while also showing what a better world might be like.

Survey respondent

TLAP has most definitely been the champion of personalisation… It has a lot of trust within the sector, a lot of local authorities that look to TLAP for guidance, which it has done well.

Review interviewee

TLAP is recognised within the sector as an organisation with expertise on personalised care and support, and also on co-production.

For this reason, they are usually seen as the ‘go to’ organisation for advice or practical support in these areas.

Evaluation interviewee

TLAP feels like an honest broker. It’s not neutral, but it doesn’t feel to me that TLAP is lobbying government for change, it feels like it is more working with.

Evaluation interviewee

Publications and resources on the website are excellent - setting out values and evidence base. My go to place to find information about self-directed support.

Survey respondent

Conferences and workshops were the best way to network, now newsletter and webinars to stay connected.

Survey respondent

I value your support and organisation. You fill an important gap for me, you help join things up and when I am involved with you I feel less isolated and more connected to the whole.

Survey respondent