Members of the National Co-production Advisory Group


Janet Brandish

Janet Brandish

Co-chair of the National Co-production Advisory Group (NCAG)

I have a lot of experience of working with and representing people who have learning disabilities and am anxious to ensure that their voices are heard and be a part of decision making processes. I intend to make sure that I help to do this on their behalf. I also have experience with accessible information and will encourage the use of easy read material.

Janet the Chairperson of NCAG and a member of the National Development Forum for TLAP. In Norfolk she is a Trustee of the self-advocacy organisation Opening Doors and am also their Training Adviser. Janet is also a representative on the Norfolk Learning Disabilities Partnership Board and actively involved with various other groups that have involvement with people who have learning disabilities (Winterbourne View, Health etc). She also belongs to the Making It Real group in Norfolk.


Sally Percival

Sally Percival

Co-chair of the National Co-production Advisory Group (NCAG)

I truly believe that, 'The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of anything.'

Sally's son, Alexander, was diagnosed with autism and learning disabilities at the age of three. She organises Alexander's support and employs four members of staff.

Sally's mother has complex health needs and dementia and she also manages her individual budget, ensuring that choice and control remains with her. She started The South Lakeland Autism and Aspergers Syndrome Support Group in 1995, offering information, advice, training and advocacy, including a 24 hour telephone support line.

Sally is co-chair of the TLAP partnership and co-chair of the Making it Real steering group. She has also helped to form Our Lives Cumbria, a family leadership organisation which tells positive stories about directing your own support.

Martin Yates

Martin Yates

Co-chair of the TLAP Partnership

With 25 years' experience of managing my own support, I feel that I have a lot of knowledge that I can bring to National Co-Production Advisory Group and therefore to TLAP with a special interest in policy development.

I have employed my own personal assistant for 25 years and find that this is a great way to live independently, giving me the support I need when I need it.

Over my life time I have worked in a number of advisory and consultancy roles, from working within the youth and community service with responsibility for disability, to running a direct payments support service.

I have also written a number of publications around independent living and direct payments.

I recently became co-chair of the National Co-Production Advisory Group.

Sue Bolt

Sue Bott

I have a First Degree in Political Theory and Institutions, and a Master's degree in Public Service Management. I am a disabled person with visual impairment from birth, has been active in the disability movement in the UK for many years.

Sue lives by the sea in South East England and has two grown up children. She is the Director of the National Centre for Independent Living based in London. Previous to that she spent fifteen years working for a Centre for Independent Living (Shropshire Disability Consortium) initially as its development worker and latterly as its Chief Officer.


Vicky Buckingham

I want to bring the voice of people with disabilities to National Level by communicating with local people in this group.

Vicky is one of two Leads for Self Advocacy in Wirral, with a particular wanting to bring it to people with disabilities locally. She is particularly keen that people with disabilities have a voice like everyone else.

Vicky is also a licensed Zumba Gold Instructor, this is low impact exercise dance class done to music and I am keen to bring this into the work she does to give people with disabilities the chance to enjoy who may not be able to otherwise.

Jenny Carter

Jenny Carter

I like to make sure everyone is involved and to make personalisation real for no matter their disability.

Jenny is 30 years old and has Autistic Spectrum Condition. Dyspraxia and Epilepsy and also is a self-advocate.

She is also a Partners in Policymaking Graduate, and is one of the leads for self-advocacy in Wirral and a Director of Together All Are Able.

One of the members of the National coproduction Advisory Group Flexi group, Jenny is also the news hound for North West training and development team and recognised as a doer. I am passionate about self-advocacy and personalisation. Jenny also takes park in athletics

Jeanne Carlin

'We are not asking for the moon - just the same rights as all other citizens to be included in our communities'

I am retired, having previously worked as a social worker and disability consultant in children's services. I am a carer for my adult daughter, Erica who has multiple impairments and complex health needs and I also support my mother, who lives in residential care.

I have always been a campaigner and I now write a blog and am active on social media. I believe that

Steven Chapman

Steven Chapman

From experience I know that when people with a learning difficulty and their carers are involved in planning right from the start, things work better. There should be more co-production then services would be better.

I am a non- executive director of Voice4Kent, an independent advocacy and campaigning organisation for people with a learning difficulty.

I am a non -executive director of Skillnet Group CIC, a social enterprise to support people with and without a learning difficulty to work together to make a difference.

I have been a co- chair of the Kent Learning Disability Partnership Board and also the South East Jobs Action Network.


Laurence Clark

I have used self-directed support since 1992 (via indirect Payments), has been a Direct Payments / Independent Living Fund user since 1998.

Laurence manages his own individual budget and lives in Liverpool with his wife Adele and my two sons Jamie and Tom.

Alan Crone

Alan Crone

I am a dad to two girls, Sarah 24 and Hannah 22. Hannah has a learning disability and very complex needs. After becoming a single parent I gave up a senior management career in construction, to give support and care for Hannah. I heard about Self-Directed Support (SDS) and individual budgets and have since been on an amazing journey to ensuring that Hannah has the life she wants, full of different experiences.

Alan is the Co-chair of the National Co-production Advisory Group (NCAG) Membership and Fees Group. He is Treasurer of The South Lakeland Autism and Aspergers Support Group. Alan has co-developed a user-led organisation in his council area called 'Our Lives Cumbria', which shares positive stories of Self Directed Support. Alan manages Hannah's individual budget and currently employs five personal assistants.

Bill Davidson

Bill Davidson

Since taking early retirement from Headship, I have welcomed new interests and challenges in the sphere of health, social care and research since 2000.

Bill was patient consultant to NHS Estates for a number of years involved with initiatives such as the Modern Ward Housekeeping role, Better Hospital Food, Privacy and Dignity and the National Cleaning Standards, etc.

Bill is past co-chair of the TLAP Board and National Partnership and is a member of the National Co-production Advisory Group with productive links to the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE).


Clenton Farquharson MBE

I believe passionately in personalisation and in co-production and not to be forgot the seldom heard voices matter too. It's a calling and a way of life for me. Equality for all.

I have been a Co-chair of the Think Local Act Personal Partnership and I'm a big believer in co-production and advocate of disability rights. I am also an expert in accessibility issues working in a variety of sectors and disciplines. I have theoretical knowledge and training combined with personal experience and practical insights.

I work as consultant, auditor, trainer, and coach on inclusion, equality, disability, and related subjects and was named in Disability News Services' List of influential disabled people.

I sit on other boards and groups including the Coalition for Collaborative Care, HealthWatch Birmingham, Change People, and Community Navigator Services. In 2014 I received an MBE in recognition of my services to people with disabilities.

Miro Griffiths

Miro Griffiths MBE

I hope to ensure we continually think about the needs and aspirations of disabled people engaging with health and social care services, ultimately leading to systems and services being designed, developed and delivered with people who use services.

As someone who has worked in disability equality issues for over 12 years, Miro has built up extensive knowledge on a diverse range of issues, in particular: independent living, inclusive environments and transitional stages of a disabled person's life.

Miro's understanding of disability issues was initially shaped by his own personal experience of having a physical impairment, but is now complimented with a professional and academic background in this area of expertise. He also maintains strong links with influential people from across the disability sector - developed over many years of working on various projects.

As of January 2015, Miro is a Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD Researcher. The PhD is investigating the following research question: "What are the experiences of young disabled people when presented with opportunities to become active in promoting disability rights, leading campaigns and challenging current agendas?"


Mike Hughes

I trained as an engineer, following graduation I served 12 years as a Police Officer then 25 years in the computer industry travelling the world.

I have extensive experience of managing projects people and chairing meetings often work done on a zero budget so creativity was required. I lost my sight (diabetes) some eight years ago, but with my guide dog "Tilly" I travel all over the country in my various roles, all of which are connected to the disabled cause and the rights of the disabled.

I have excellent communication and management skills and I currently serve on a number of boards and also as a Trustee.

Kerri Martin

Kerry Martin

I have developed lots of skills in my job, I am good at speaking up for people with learning disabilities and people that use wheelchairs. I have experience to share in self advocacy, good practice and accessibility. I am enthusiastic and a hard worker and I'm good at working in a team.

Kerry has a learning disability and cerebral palsy and works for People First Dorset as well as being in the South West Rep at The National Forum.

She has been working in self-advocacy for eight years and has been in residential schools and day services, these experiences made her want to get involved in speaking up and then helping others to do this too.


Rachel Mason

Rachel Mason

I am a family carer of two adult sons who have autism learning disabilities.

This has given our family 26 years of lived experience, receiving services across education, health and social care. I would like to use this experience to change life outcomes for those families that follow in our footsteps.

Bringing a family carer perspective to TLAP and many other national organisations. I have also been commissioned by Local authorities to support them to implement the new SEND reforms and the Care Act in a way that empowers families to have better life outcomes.

Alison (JPG - 41Kb)

Alison Owen

I am a full paid worker for an organisation called Speakup. Speakup is run by and for people with learning disabilities and/or autism. We work in across the country to help people access peer, group and self-advocacy as well as making information accessible and training professionals'.

I sit on the Rotherham Partnership Board and the Health Sub Group. I am very passionate about being an advocate for people with learning disabilities and believe that co-production is really important I work hard to make sure people with learning disabilities have their voice heard and they are included in services. I am also a representative for people with learning disabilities on the National Forum for people with learning disabilities in Yorkshire and Humber.

Sherone Phillips

Sherone Phillips

I have been working hard for many years as a carer to let others know that people in my family know what's best for us.

I have been a carer for my mother since I was 12 years old. Back then, there wasn't any support for young carers. I wasn't recognised as a carer because the definition didn't exist.

Three years ago, my teenage son hit a mental health crisis. We had to learn how the system worked. It meant understanding children's services, then, very quickly, understanding adult services as he turned 18. I am his carer.

Two years ago, my elderly father who lives with us has limited mobility and a heart problem was diagnosed with cancer. I care for him too.

I am a carer with over 30 years of experience.

Isaac (JPG - 45Kb)

Isaac Samuels

I am a committed, community minded individual working within the third sector for many years and working closely with local government and national, charities, the Department of Health and TLAP.

I am currently involved in numerous projects including research, lecturing, charity work, trusteeship, management and steering group leadership roles with People's Committee UEL; Management team Queer Futures (Lancaster University); York University co-applicant (research area mental health and sexual health); Research group City University, Redbridge Rainbow committee member; blogger and guest writer Baseline magazine; Healthwatch member; Volunteer Re:Assure women's project. I also sit in the TLAP board.

My personal mantra is "It's never too late to make an impact."


Kate Sibthorp

As mum to a young disabled woman, I've learnt that what matters is to see life from her point of view and provide support that makes sense for her and helps her to connect with other people in our local community. I would like my local authority to work with me on this, but it is hard to get them to see her as a person and not as a 'case' within their systems, processes and budgets.

My daughter, Maddy, has been my inspiration. She is great company and keeps everyone grounded, aware of the important things in life.

I have employed personal assistants to support Maddy for 13 years. The most important thing is not qualifications or experience, but finding someone with the right attitude and personality.

My working background includes organisational development and learning. I am a trained facilitator in Appreciative Inquiry, Action Learning and the MBTI© personality type indicator and a qualified trainer. I am also a board member of my local Healthwatch and other local groups for parents and carers, advocating for personalisation and co-production. I have also written guides for families on the Care Act and Personalisation and enjoys doing graphic facilitation.

Caroline Waugh

Caroline Waugh

I'm a positive, active, single Mum, who has a disability. Caused by a Traumatic Brain Injury, which happened 26 years ago.

The residual effects are: left-sided weakness, controlled epilepsy and no auto immunity. Caroline's great passion in life is disability cycling and empowering others to do it.

She is joint chair of Sheffield Cycling 4 All, and sit on other influential boards, including NCAG, Sheffield's Move More and The Brain Injury Rehab Redevelopment Partnership. Recently Caroline has seen her idea of a record of involvement go digital and it will soon be available for anyone to download free of charge.

She was also a Torchbearer for 2012 Olympics.


Shaun Webster MBE

I am an International Project Worker at CHANGE, where I has worked since 2003. I'm a father, a grandfather and a person with a learning disability.

I have extensive experience of training professionals in health and social care internationally on issues affecting people with disabilities, as well as experience of working as a mentor to adults and children with learning disabilities, promoting greater empowerment and confidence. My work has seen me train people in Thailand and Eastern Europe as well as in the UK.

I believe that my experience at CHANGE has not only enabled me to build his expertise and confidence, but to give back to other people with learning disabilities by supporting them to be more empowered, through peer-to-peer support, mentoring, and educating professionals on adopting a more inclusive practice.

In June 2015 I received an MBE from Her Majesty the Queen in recognition of my long standing commitment and work to ensure that people with learning disabilities are included and empowered within society. Proof that people with learning disabilities really can make a huge contribution to our society.

Keymn Whervin

Keymn Whervin

I am a full time carer to my mother who suffered a stroke 14 years ago.

I am a full time carer to my mother who suffered a stroke 14 years ago. I recently became an Expert by experience because of my own social care journey which was both excellent and poor. It has given me the platform to be a voice for carers in my community both locally and nationally. I am passionate about personalisation because every individual's case is unique and should be tailored to suit. I endeavour to help carers make the most of their own lives whilst also carrying out their caring roles.