Meet Millie - a young person with special educational needs

Millie is 18 years old, attends mainstream school with unit attached, she lives at home with her Mum and sister, and also has an older sister who lives nearby.

What is important to Millie

  • Loves animals, has three cats and two dogs, one of the cats is called 'Sooty'.
    Learning the violin and loves listening to pop music.
  • Spending time with her sisters.
  • Has been dating her boyfriend for six months - they go to school together.
    Enjoys watching musicals, especially Glee on television.
  • Likes going out with my friends, and spending time together with them in school as well.
  • Really like baking (and eating the cakes she bakes!).
  • Wants to learn to be a chef and to earn enough money to buy her own house.

Daily living

  • Her possessions are important to her (especially her make-up, games, clothes, phone etc.) If people touch her things, or say and do things she doesn't like, she can get cross and annoyed easily.
  • Can wash and dress herself. Although, sometimes she can forget things, and her mum has to remind her to clean her teeth, shower and change her clothes.
  • Would like her own room. Currently she shares with her sister, who often touches her possessions and likes different music.
  • She likes to spend the majority of her time listening to music or watching Glee, she doesn't like tidying up, so her room is usually messy.
  • Her older sister has a car and frequently drives her places.

Millie's concerns

  • Would like to one day own her own house and start a family. She wants to continue to be near her mum and sisters, but doesn't know where to start.

  • Would like to become a chef, but isn't sure what course/qualifications/training she needs.

  • Is worried about losing contact with her friends after they leave school.

  • Is very worried people are going to tease her for being fat and wants to know how she can prevent this from happening.

Regular health tests

  • Annual health check with GP, including physical examination, review of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), speech and language intervention, behaviour and mental health review, medication review (her last check was a year ago when Millie was 17)


  • Attends school five days a week when able (she has missed some days due to exclusions for her behaviour and poor health).

  • Has violin lessons on a Saturday and band practice.

  • Her friends all live close to school (home is three miles away).

  • Very close to her Mum and sisters.

Other concerns

  • Her mum sets and maintains Millie's daily routine. This can get a bit much for her and Millie has had spells in care, due to her mum needing breaks.

  • Prone to aggressive outbursts. Recently, a dog bit her after she kicked it. Also occasionally hits out at family, friends and others.

  • The Housing Association has had complaints regarding her behavior which if not addressed may lead to her tenancy being revoked

  • Doesn't look after herself well

  • Needs to consider contraception

Health issues

  • Weight is a significant issue - she is 13.5 stone and there are concerns she may develop diabetes
  • ASD (Asperger's)
  • ADHD
  • Learning disability

Medication and support

  • ADHD Medication - methylphenidate (Ritalin) for 8 years
  • Regular CAMHS 1:1 support
  • Speech and language through school
  • Episodes of echolalia