Webinar: Innovation in Commissioning, co-production in co-operatives and community business

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Catch up on this webinar on innovative commissioning, looking specifically at the importance of co-production in developing co-operatives and community business. 

This webinar continues our work to better understand how co-operatives and community businesses  can forge a meaningful shift toward community-based care. In this webinar we look at co-production and its role in supporting the development of these alternative care models.

You will learn: 

  • What is co-production and why it is important

  • Why co-production an essential building block and how it can be used to support the development of co-operatives and community businesses

You can also watch our previous webinar where we share learnings from the report which identifies the ambition, opportunities, risks and barriers to developing community businesses and co-operatives. 


Ian McCreath, Director, Think Local Act Personal 

Jennifer Pearl, Member, National Co-production Advisory Group 

Kate Pieroudis, Senior Co-production Advisor, Think Local Act Personal 

Graham Mitchell, Chair, Co-operative Care Colne Valley 

Jonathan Nunn, Policy and Partnerships, Kirklees Council