About Building Community Capacity and Think Local Act Personal

The Building Community Capacity project was developed by the Department of Health and is now being led by the Think Local Act Personal partnership. The project has been working alongside local government partners with the aim of exploring the role of social capital and co-production in the transformation of adult social care and its contribution to health, wellbeing, independence and quality of life for all. Think Local Act Personal underlines the critical connection between preventative community-based approaches and personalised care and support.

More about Think Local Act Personal

The Think Local Act Personal vision states that:

  • Social care change will require the harnessing of the sector's long tradition of voluntary and community action
  • Support should enable people to retain or regain the benefits of community membership, including living in their own homes, maintaining or gaining employment and making a positive contribution to the communities they live in
  • Councils and their partners should encourage and help local communities and groups to provide newtworks of support and invest in building community capacity
  • People, carers, families and communities should be involved in commissioning and service development
  • People's own resources, skills and assets should be mobilised to help them take control of their care and support.