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What was your response to Covid-19?

The Design & Learning Centre’s website at Kent County Council supports the wider care sector. The website which promotes various health and social care projects led by the DLC, also hosts a registered manager HUB section providing information on Training, Funding, Resources, News and Events.   To further support providers during Covid-19 it was felt we needed to extend the website to include a dedicated Covid-19 section.

The original aim of the HUB was to bring together local, regional and national social care information into one place as a ‘go to’ resource for local providers and promote good news stories. Feedback from providers via virtual engagement during covid-19, highlighted they were being inundated with lots of the same information from various sources at a time when teams were under a lot of pressure.

The DLC decided a Covid-19 page on the website would be particularly helpful to highlight key information & support.


What was different about this approach?

This webpage focused on well-being, support options and helpful links/resources rather than communications around additional government funding and commissioning etc as this was being sent out via other regular channels. It would also highlight topic specific webinars.

What is the impact and benefit for people?

With managers highlighting the stress teams were under and fatigue this web-page highlighted access to free counselling, grants for carers in financial hardship, well-being information as well as useful practice guides for donning/doffing PPE, medication updates etc.

The covid-19 page was highlighted to the sector via the monthly newsletter and registered manager meetings encouraging them to use this support and shared with their workers.

Is the solution sustainable post-Covid?

With Covid-19 still with us, the Covid-19 page will remain on the website and continue to be updated regularly as part of our usual website activity.

More information

The Covid-19 page can be viewed here;