East of England Strategic Migration Partnership

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Project description

Doctors of the World UK have updated official guidance to assist people who do not speak English to understand changes in relation to Covid-19. 

What was your response to Covid-19?

The East of England LGA promoted the guidance to make sure people in our communities who do not speak English feel supported and are able to understand the changing picture in relation to Covid-19.

The official guidance has been set up in 60 different languages and includes information in relation to:

  • Testing and treatment, free of charge irrespective of immigration status
  • Covid-19 infographics
  • Covid-19 guidance for households with possible Covid-19
  • Covid-19 guidance on shielding and protecting
  • At risk patient letter
  • Covid-19 guides collated by Doncaster Council
  • Covid-19 information videos from Leeds County Council.

What is the impact and benefit for people?

Information available for local authorities and other public sector organisations as well as charities to share with people as appropriate

Is the solution sustainable post Covid-19?

The East of England LGA will keep updating the information on their website post-Covid-19 as well.

They will also continue to produce their bi-monthly migration newsflash which includes relevant updates on asylum, resettlement and unaccompanied minors.

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