Australia's National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) -sustainability, research and data aspects - films and podcast

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Expert speakers involved in the NDIS explain the sustainability principles which underpin the scheme in five short films and one longer audio podcast.

What are the films about?

Eddie Bartnik, IIDL, interviews Dr Sam Bennett, general manager for policy, advice and research, who draws on his vast  prior experience of social care in England. He puts the Australian disability insurance scheme into context for an English audience in films 1 and 2.

Sarah Johnson, the scheme actuary, describes how the actuarial model works and how the sustainability principles have underpinned the design, delivery and reporting of the NDIS in films 3 and 4.

Caroline Speirs, former head of TLAP reflects on this final instalment from colleagues in Australia and the earlier webinars one and two. 

Short films

1. How the NDIS differs to England's social care

2. How research supports participant choice & control

3. Explainer on the role of NDIS scheme Actuary

4. Modelling, costing & measurment of the NDIS

5. Key learning & comparisons with England's social care

Audio podcast 

The insurance and sustainability principles underpinning  Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme mp3 ( 50 min)

The interviews in full. Download the transcript (opens new window)of the podcast.

TLAP's role in supporting social care transformation

TLAP is a  member of the International Initiative for Disability Leadership (IIDL). We found out in depth about Australia's successful transformation of its social care system with the NDIS. Following converations with interested colleagues at the DHSC, and using the unique insights of former TLAP head who works for the agency that oversees the NDIS, TLAP hosted a series of webinars. This final instalment is in podcast and film version.

This is the third in a series of instalments. All hosted by Eddie Bartnik, International Initiative for Disability Leadership - a forum where experiences of the NDIS are regularly shared with international colleagues.  

Speakers biographies

Eddie Bartnik

Eddie Bartnik is currently International Lead - International Initiative for Disability Leadership. Previously he was Strategic Adviser to the National Disability Insurance Agency in Australia and has unique experience across both disability and mental health including executive state government roles in mental health, disability and community services as well as 20 years extensive international consulting. Eddie has worked extensively and published across Australia and overseas and is a Salzburg Global Fellow.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah is currently the Scheme Actuary of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Prior to this role, she was a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers and worked with Productivity Commission (PC) on the Disability Care and Support Inquiry which led to the NDIS in Australia. She also has broader experience in human services, including accident compensation, health, homelessness, justice, and aged care. Sarah is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia and their Actuary of the Year (2016).

Dr Sam Bennett

General Manager for Policy, Advice and Research at National Disability Insurance Agency will provide some reflective commentary on the Australian experience and help contextualise this to England. Sam has been working at the NDIA in Australia since 2018 and previously had extensive experience in England including his role as Program Director at TLAP and also leading national reform on integrated personal commissioning.

Caroline Speirs

Caroline is the former TLAP Head. She has over twenty years' experience of local government social care departments working in policy, commissioning and leading on personalisation. She is a strong advocate of co-production and says, "co-production is not an optional extra.  Rather, it is fundamental to an approach that is based on mutual respect and sharing of power".