Personalisation in registered services

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We want to highlight solutions for registered services that will help accelerate personalisation.

Community Circles, a TLAP partner, offered stories from their experience to inspire providers of familiar services to see a route to personalising their offer. Too many older people living in residential care and extra care housing are disconnected from both the local community and the lives they have lived.

These visual stories about the power of community circles in helping people reconnect with the things that are important to them are inspiring examples of how to change. Read the introductory blog Personalisation and co-production in traditional services.

Arthur's story describes how a community circle helped him make a meaningful contribution and find a new purpose in life in a residential care home.

Mary maintained her independence in her extra-care housing. and improved her health and wellbeing through simple technology.


Pete's story is about how his life changed through a Community Circle. It describes how a personalised and co-produced approach to support in an extra-care service can improve life for people who draw on social care and support.

Jenny loved baking. Her story shows how a personalised approach to support in an extra-care service improved life for both her and other people who draw on social care and support.

If you provide or know of great personalised care and support taking place in familiar settings, please get in touch.