Asset based approaches– A checklist to help put Community Circles into action at no, or very low cost

Martin Routledge blogs about new support to make Circles available to anyone who wants one, including free DIY materials and support for people and groups.

At Community Circles (opens new window) we’ve seen the impact on people’s lives of bringing people together to plan and act to help build and sustain their connections and interests – in all kinds of situations and circumstances.

For the past few months we’ve been finalising plans to make Circles  a reality for  anyone who wants and can benefit from them. We want to make sure that this isn’t dependent on money. So, though we are of course concerned about quality and integrity, our developing approach is about transferring our methods and learning at no, or very low cost. The intention is for other groups and organisations to be able to develop and support Circles as part of what they offer.

While there is increasing interest in "asset based approaches" sometimes this can be a little vague. Community Circles, however, offer a tangible and specific approach with clear methods and systematic activity but also flexibility to fit with people and their circumstances. 

We have lots of ideas and approaches about how Circles can be introduced and used in different situations and without significant cost.

Here’s a checklist of support offers from us:

  • The Community Circles website has been updated and revamped with new materials, content and offers. Please take a look if you, like us, are interested in helping people build and maintain connections in communities. (opens new window)
  • If you are a commissioner, support provider, member of a community group or individual looking for a way of helping someone keep connections and interests, Circles might help with this.  As well as lots of information and examples our new website has some specific offers for people in different circumstances.
  • Free do-it-yourself guides. We don't want cost to stop anyone who could benefit from having a Circle. These free videos, guides and tools can help you develop and support a Circle for someone. It's all completely free to use - we just ask that you share your progress with us. Have a look here: (opens new window)
  • Become a member of Community Circles. We have set up a very low cost way for those looking to get Circles going to get that that little bit of extra support and access to a community of others for mutual support. This includes on-line training, a webinar programme, access to a community of practice - have a look at what membership offers here: (opens new window)
  • Bespoke support or full partnership with Community Circles. If you are really serious about Circles forming a major part of your asset based strategy - whether as a commissioner, provider or community group, we offer a flexible range of supports to help you whatever your goals and circumstances.
  • Friends of Community Circles - We've been really encouraged by lots of people contacting us who want to share the news about Circles with local groups and organisations they think would be interested and could benefit. If that sounds like you, you might want to become a Friend of Community Circles - there is no specific obligation for a Friend.

Do have a look. If you want to follow up your interest in any of these elements please contact me


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