Ageing without children in the context of later life inequalities

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The number of people in the UK ageing without family support is increasing and will continue to do so.

At this online event we hosted in partnership with Ageing Without Children and Community Catalysts, we explored how this experience intersects with other key issues in later life and discussed ways to raise awareness and develop much-needed support.

Hear from individuals who identify as ageing without children, shedding light on their diverse and often overlooked or misunderstood experiences. We discuss the challenges they face, especially regarding the availability of support to ensure they can live the life they want to live.

See below for recordings of the event, including breakout sessions on faith, rural communities, intersectionality, care and support, dementia, and disabilities. Follow along with the videos, scroll to the bottom of the page to download the presentations.

Introduction and setting the scene

Faith Communities: Can they ever be enough?  

The Good Life? What’s working well for people in rural places? 

Intersectionality; ageing without children and the implications for policy

Who will speak up for me when I need care and support? 

Ageing without children and dementia 

Growing older as people with learning disabilities 

Panel discussion on routes to change