Personal Assistant Survey: the forgotten workforce

A survey reveals that people who draw on care and support are finding it very hard to recruit and retain personal assistants (PAs). People who take a direct payment and employ personal assistants share their experiences.

Factors influencing the success of direct payments

Better Direct Payments: from insight to action

Direct payments can and should work better. This report shows how, through working with councils, scanning the evidence and talking to practitioners.

Useful Direct Payments Resources

Get up, stand up, stand up for your right: why we need concerted action to improve direct payments

Dr Clenton Farquharson CBE on the state of direct payments in 2023 and why we need action.

Reducing bureaucracy in direct payments

Supoorting direct payment recipients and council staff to reduce bureaucracy. This report provides practical examples from councils.

The Forgotten Workforce video

Short animation describing TLAP's survey of people who employ a personal assistant and the challenges they face.

Direct payments - what are we to do?

This short video showcases our findings about how to make direct payments work better.

Delivering the benefits of self-directed support

Martin Walker and Isaac Samuels in conversation with ADASS East, talking direct payments and self-directed support.

Direct payments - working or not working?

This short report looks at how direct payments could work better, what the issues are and how direct payments should support a good life.