Knowsley Disability Concern

What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

Originally established in 1977 as a service for adults with learning disabilities, KDC has developed and evolved into a modern, forward-thinking organisation specialising in delivering services to support local people to live independent lives in the community.

Provision of, and access to, free information and advice to enable people with disabilities, their families and carers to identify and access local services relevant and appropriate to their needs.

Information, guidance and support services to enable people in receipt of social care services to exercise choice and control over their personal budgets by accessing the Local Authority’s Direct Payments scheme.

A full end-to-end, bespoke Personal Health Budget Service which is personalised to the individual and their family.

A Managed Account service allowing people who could otherwise not receive direct payments as a means of self-directing their care and support to use KDC as an approved third party to receive and manage their funds.

Provision of self-advocacy services to enable people with a learning disability to speak-up for themselves, exercise their rights and choices and play a full role in their local community and society as a whole. This is delivered through facilitation of the BIG Group (Being Involved Group).

Delivering the BIG Pathway a programme of learning and development activities for people with learning disabilities to build skills, gain confidence and prepare for the world of work. Since the pilot launched in January 2017, the project won Project of the Year at the First Ark Impact Awards.

Delivering the Managing my Money programme aimed at enabling adults with learning disabilities to handle money, understand its value, how to spend sensibly, budgeting, saving and potentially opening and operating their own bank account


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Name: Andy Gilbert
Email: Get in touch
Tel: 01514808873

What we will do to Make it Real

We will be working together with KPCV with a group of Parents of Disabled Children who currently receive Direct Payments from Knowsley Children’s Social Care to create a brand new set of information and guidance materials. This will include information specifically designed for parents.

We will be working together with Face Forward to create a new information leaflet for Direct Payments & Mental Health. We will design and produce a new leaflet together with local people using mental health services, family carers and interested professionals. We will be working together with the “Wellbeing through Art “ group to create a range of materials and medium

We want to change our Direct Payments Support Service and move up to the ladder to coproduction. We want to move forwards with Direct Payments locally and our vision is to create support arrangements that are designed by local people for local people. We are seeking to work together with individuals receiving Direct Payments, family members/ carers, interested Personal Assistants, local community organisations and small community/ social enterprises supporting people who receive Direct Payments.

How we will co-produce and with whom

We will co-produce by creating environments where everyone can be included, open spaces to take part and feel comfortable. Every can contribute with the right support

Our Co-production sponsor(s)

Knowsley Parent Carers Voice ( KPCV ) “KPCV is an independent , parent –carer led group developed to support local families along their disability journey “

Twitter: @carers_voice

Contacts: Ian McBrias or Debbie Smith

Family and Community Education (FACE) & Face Forward. FACE Forward Recovery Partnership is a community learning mental health programme delivered in partnership with Knowsley Family and Community Education and North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. Twitter @Faceforwardmh

Contact: Alex Horrocks
Number: 0151 443 5400