Housing Learning and Improvement Network

What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

The Housing LIN is a national knowledge exchange, online library and networking organisation dedicated to enabling people to work together and collaborate across health, housing and care. Our commitment is to sharing and promoting exemplary practice, publishing evidence and research, and helping people to find solutions to the challenges which they are facing. Our focus is on the essential role of housing in health and wellbeing, and in enabling people - especially older and disabled people - to live a good life, and a life of their own choosing.


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Name: Clare Skidmore
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Tel: 07717861961

What we will do to Make it Real

The Housing LIN is committed to ensuring that people with lived experience are at the forefront of our events, conversations, and projects.
We will do this through the following actions:
- Ensure that whenever possible, Housing LIN event include speakers or lead contributors with lived experience, and that people with lived experience are supported to attend and participate
- Be proactive about adding material which reflects people's personal experiences to the website, including blogs and viewpoints authored by people with care and support needs
- Plan a specific programme of events and activities, jointly with Learning Disability England, to highlight the housing experiences of people with learning disabilities. The events to support this piece of work will be attended by a range of participants and experts, the majority of whom will be people with learning disabilities and others with lived experiences.

How we will co-produce and with whom

We will invite people with lived experience, including existing Housing LIN members, to speak at and attend future Housing LIN events.
We will encourage people with lived experience to sign up as Housing LIN members (this is free).
We will invite people with care and support needs to approach the Housing LIN with their blog ideas and other housing-related topics they would like to highlight via our platform; this is an ongoing, open invitation.