Shared Lives Plus

What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

Through our UK network of Shared Lives schemes and Homeshare organisations, people can live with others, be part of their local community and do things they love.

Shared living can help tackle loneliness, reduce isolation and build independence skills.

Shared Lives carers support people from all walks of life. Individuals can stay with a Shared Lives family, when looking for support during a life change or for longer term live-in support.

Homeshare enables Householders to stay at home for longer by providing companionship and low level support within the home, giving the Householder practical help and their loved one's peace.


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Name: Anna McEwen
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What we will do to Make it Real

We do not directly deliver services at Shared Lives Plus but work with models which have co-production at their heart – Shared Lives and Homeshare.

The Shared Lives carer Charter, The Ambassadors’ Test and the Quality Framework for Shared Lives schemes together set out what good looks like in Shared Lives.

Our vision is that they will help to create an environment where individuals can be supported through Shared Lives to get the best care and support possible, in order to live the life they choose.

It aims to enable Shared Lives schemes to identify and evidence good practice, understand how they can improve, provide effective Shared Lives arrangements for individuals who use Shared Lives and Shared Lives carers and implement quality as part of the everyday running of the scheme, instead of it being an add on.

We will use the Homeshare UK Quality Assurance Framework as a way to make sure Homeshare organisations deliver the best possible service they can for the people who use Homeshare.

We would like our network members to ensure their service is both safe and effective by continually assessing and evaluating their operation and evidencing that they are working in a safe and effective way.

How we will co-produce and with whom

We will use our Ambassadors test to check that people are experiencing good Shared Lives, look into what could make it better and encourage people to get involved with their local Shared Lives scheme.

We will use our Shared Lives carers charter to make sure that Shared Lives schemes are inclusive, fair and diverse.

Where all are valued for the contribution they can make and represent what Shared Lives carers told us an excellent Shared Lives scheme looked like to them.