Camphill Village Trust

What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

Camphill Village Trust is a national charity supporting around 650 adults with learning disabilities. People are supported to be independent in their homes within community settings. In addition, we also provide opportunities for people to develop vocational skills in supported workshops.


Wellbeing and independence Active support and communities Flexible and integrated care and support


Name: Philip Gibson
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Tel: 07824463798

What we will do to Make it Real

• Develop a framework and methodology of co-production that will run throughout everything that we do from an individual support interactions to involvement in their communities and the charity. This includes the development of digital media supporting different methods of communication, information sharing and collaboration.

• Develop and embed the ‘Quality of Life’ review approach as a key driver of change. This involves people with lived experience spending time with others in their communities, gaining a deeper insight into how the support they receive enables them to experience those ordinary life opportunities we all expect. The challenge is to move from a role of having experts by experience or quality checkers as assessors or auditors to a role of change motivators and inspirational directors.

• Build on developing positive relationships with family members, recognising the vital role they play in the lives of the people supported. Understanding the stress and anxiety they sometimes experience and developing a ‘partnership’ approach of support with the person supported / family member at the centre of everything that happens.

How we will co-produce and with whom

We have regional co-production link staff who meet regularly with the people we support in each area. We used the I statements in a series of forums involving people supported to develop a plan. The Making it Real action plan will be shared widely and we will regularly review progress against with them. We have co-produced an easy read action plan and will look for opportunities for people to help us achieve the positive changes.

We are currently at the early stages of developing two groups of people who will work closely with the Board and Senior Management, one a reference group who can be 'referred' to and involved in governance decisions prior to them being made