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What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

KeyRing supports people with the fundamentals of life, a place where you are safe, your own home and an income to support yourself. This is our starting place and from here we work with our Members on their personal journeys achieve the outcomes they want in life.
We mobilise the assets of our Members and other people in the communities in which they live, listening to and working alongside people in their local communities so the people we support gain greater independence, improve their well-being and are part of a network of contacts and friends.

Project 1


Wellbeing and independence Active support and communities When things need to change


Name: Karyn Kirkpatrick
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What we will do to Make it Real

We took a small group of staff representing all roles in KeyRing and role-played working through the 'We' statements. This helped us understand that Making it Real was not something that can be rolled out to staff or made into a checklist. We realised we needed to be open to changing everything we do. Making it Real for KeyRing is essentially looking at how we are putting our values into action.

The group of staff decided to go to their teams and share what they had learnt about Making it Real and ask does this fit with KeyRing, is it something we could use? They explored how it works by taking a deep dive in a small area to ask people how well do they think we are doing.

This gave us a snapshot of where we are now. This will be used to develop further rounds of conversations within and between teams and foster the understanding that this is a way of being part of a bigger social change movement.

Making it Real Plan:

To use discussions to get everyone on board
To take an honest look at what we are doing and share
To identify priorities
To do things differently

How we will co-produce and with whom

Our first steps will be to take the conversation about Making it Real to members at network meetings, hubs and forums. We will explore the 'I' statements and see how it works by taking a deep dive in a test area. We will gather feedback on areas that Members are keen to focus on to set our priorities, locally and nationally. Members will be the arbiters of what works, testing and approving as we look to do things differently, as project participants, change-makers and champions. We will use the KeyRing newspaper and Facebook pages to share how Members are involved.

Our experience

What we did to Make It Real:

For the past 10 weeks, KeyRing Members, staff and volunteers have been finding out about Making It Real and testing the I and We statements to see whether they want KeyRing to use Making It Real.

How was it co-produced?

We wanted everyone to have a chance to be involved by trying out a deep dive into the 'I' or 'We' statements, asking ourselves ‘how are we doing?'
We made an easy to use, step-by-step workshop plan and tools, so anyone in KeyRing could facilitate a workshop. These are taking place where people usually meet, Member Network meetings, hubs, staff and volunteer meetings. We gather feedback as we go and can see already that Making It Real makes sense to people.

Even though the workshop is a test, some groups have planned further workshops, some groups identified priority areas they want to do more work on and others have set themselves actions!

What have we learned?

The testing approach works well for KeyRing. It has created a grassroots interest and an enthusiasm to use the 'I' and 'We' statements in all that we do. Providing the easy-to-use workshop plan and tools meant that people just got on with it.We could do more to support and train Members to lead workshops. Several groups reported unexpected conversations and questioning of assumptions, often groups thought we were doing very well against the 'I' and 'We' statements but in the discussions they began to see areas where we could improve.

The next phase needs to support and mobilise grassroots interests, we have a lot more talking to do!


We also learnt that this approach worked so well that we did something similar with our Strategic Review. This time we went national and involved as many people as possible. We felt that this would fit well with the co-production approach of Making it Real as well as putting the people we support at the heart of their organisation. You can read more about this here:

You can view our experience here.

Project 2


Information and advice Flexible and integrated care and support When things need to change


Name: Mike Wright
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What we will do to Make it Real

We are continuing to use Making it Real as the basis for our work in developing ourselves and getting better at personalization.
We must get better at measuring our impact and the key impact that we have is on people's lives. As part of deciding what we will measure and how, we involved people from all functions of the organisation including those whose lives we impact, our Members. People have the chance to share stories and discuss what impact they want us to measure. They are involved at all stages of this project.

How we will co-produce and with whom
In our workshops people identified:
Why we want to measure our impact
What success looks like
How we might measure success and impact
What things tell us that change has happened
How we would like to hear about impact and success
How we make sure we keep impact measurement relevant

Over the coming months, we need to:

Bring all this wonderful information together:
Use this to create a system that measures impact well
Ensure that we continue to learn and refine it