Manor Community

What our organisation does to support people with care and support needs:

We are a medium sized organisation based in Bristol. We support people with mental disabilities and learning disabilities to progress from psychiatric hospitals or high support needs, into lower more inclusive support. In order to support people holistically we provide a journey of services including small residential, supported living, community support and domiciliary care.

We also provide easy read information to help people make choices.


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Name: Sophie Chester-Glyn
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Tel: 0117 3600510

What we will do to Make it Real

We decided on how we would use Making it Real after extensive team brainstorms on best practice and to identify areas for change. From this we decided upon the following methods:

• As a quality measurement tool for our care plans. Matching the ‘I’ statements to areas of the care plan which focuses service managers on meeting those standards of care for individuals.

• We developed a survey for the people we support, using Survey Monkey using the ‘I’ statements. This allows us to measure the impact that Making it Real has had on our clients. This enabled us to identify the extent to which the people we support felt that those statements rung true for them.

• We developed an action plan addressing any areas that did not meet the needs of the clients as a result of the feedback from the Survey Monkey

• We will be putting the action plans into place over the next few months, and we will also be asking clients to complete the survey again in order to measure the impact of TLAP Making it Real.

How we will co-produce and with whom

We have been working with a few co-production partners who we support within our organisation. They are helping to design how we communicate the messages to people, the accessibility of the tools we are using and trialling the project from beginning to end.

Their feedback and support will help inform how we will be using our newly developed resources for Making it Real in the future.